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The Band

They're not sharks with laser beams attached to their foreheads.


BrianBrian- guitar, additional vocals

Charlie- basscharliegeorgeGeorge- guitar

Jimmy- drumsjimmyMark

Mark- vocals, kazoo, velcro












Mp3's will be available for download from this spot soon. The DAT is currently being transferred to CD from which I will make MP3's to post here.












I had written several songs which I didn't really feel were in the Stress Monkey genre. SM's high energy, smack you in the face, drag you around by your ears until you bleed sound was a little much for this new group of songs. I approached Charlie about recording these tunes and he enthusiastically encouraged the idea. We recruited Jimmy to play drums, Mark to sing, and George to play guitar. Charlie ended up on bass and I played the other guitar.

We rehearsed twice at Mustang Ranch Recording Studio (aka Charlie & Jimmy's basement) and recorded during a third session. Guitars, bass, & drums were all recorded live while the vocals and miscellaneous sounds were added at a fourth and final session.

I am unbelievably pleased with the way everything came out. The way the songs came out was even better than I possibly imagined. The guys all put in a great effort for which I am truly grateful.

The DAT from these sessions is currently being transferred onto CD and hopefully will be available soon. Also, I am working on some new tunes and hope to get the band back together to do some recording. Stay tuned and look for downloads in the music section coming soon.

-Brian Lennon










The Tape

The ITSB recording is only available on cassette for now, but look for digital versions in the near future. Tape credits and info are as follows:


Recorded by Charlie @ Mustang Ranch Studios

Blue Point, NY

Produced & Arranged by ITSB

All songs written by B.Lennon

Special thanks to all the guys for putting in a great effort.